Bondline Electronic Adhesives is a U.S. based manufacturer of premixed and film adhesives.

Founded in 1989, company headquarters and main laboratory are located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, CA. Bondline is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, supplying high-quality performance epoxy adhesives to companies in semiconductor, medical device, microelectronic, and aerospace industries. In addition to our standard line of epoxy adhesives, we custom formulate along with repackaging commercially available materials.

Bondline Electronic Adhesives is committed to adhesive products' highest quality through dedication to product reliability, conformance to specifications, and timely delivery. We are committed to distinguishing ourselves as a reliable and responsive adhesive company serving customers domestically and internationally.

Commonly Asked Questions

What does Bondline Adhesives Do?


We are a manufacturer of Premixed Frozen Epoxy Paste and Film Adhesives.

What are Premixed Frozen Adhesives?


The materials are two-part (Part A and Part B) adhesives, mixed, vacuum degassed, packaged in syringes, and then flash frozen. These adhesives must be stored at –40°C or colder to prevent curing before use.

What types of adhesives does Bondline manufacture?


We manufacture our proprietary line of Bondline Adhesives, including Conductive and Structural Epoxies, Polyurethane and Epoxy Film Adhesives. We also mix, freeze, and package commercially available adhesives.

What kind of freezer do I need to store Bondline Adhesives?


For the most part, all of our Paste Adhesives must be stored at –40°C or colder. Film adhesives may only require storage at 5°C. You will need a laboratory freezer that can reach these temperatures. If you need help purchasing a freezer, contact us at

Could Bondline be a new/second source of the paste and film adhesives I purchase from other suppliers?


Yes, we mix commercially available adhesives. We offer a complete line of custom adhesives that can be a replacement/alternative to your current adhesives. If you are frustrated with your current supplier, give us a call, talk to one of our sales staff, we can help.

Will Bondline make a custom product, just for my company?


Yes, many of our customers ask us to “tweak” products to get the exact properties they want. We can even develop a whole new product to maximize performance and yields for your application.

What is the advantage of Bondline mixing my custom or commercial adhesive formulation?


Imagine opening your freezer and removing a syringe of adhesive that is precisely mixed to your specification, production-ready, tested, and certified. Simplify your procedure by eliminating; messy mixing, testing materials before, and after mix.

How does Bondline certify its products?


Every adhesive component that enters our factory must pass an incoming inspection. Every batch lot of adhesive that leaves our factory has undergone a comprehensive final inspection per customer or Bondline spec. A Certificate of Compliance accompanies every shipment of Bondline materials.

How do I use Bondline Paste and Film Products?


See general information and instructions for storage, dispensing, curing and much more located here: paste instructions & film instructions

What packages and sizes do Bondline Paste and Film Adhesives come in?


Paste Adhesives are packaged in 3cc, 5cc, 6cc, 10cc, and 30cc syringes, depending on adhesive type and application. Film Adhesives are available in 6″ x 6″ sheet stock or die-cut preforms cut to customer specification. The film thickness is available from .004″ – .008″. For more information about adhesive availability, check the Datasheet.

What is the lead time for Bondline Products?


Our 7 business day lead time is unparalleled in the industry. Emergency “Rush Order” situations can often be expedited within 1 to 3 days.

Does Bondline Accept Credit Cards?


We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

How can I get a sample of Bondline Adhesive?


First, take a look at our datasheets to see which adhesives look best for your needs. Second, contact us to discuss your application and recommend an adhesive.

How much do you charge for samples?


There is a fee for samples dependent on your needs and application. Contact us for more information.

How does Bondline ship its products?


Bondline Premixed frozen adhesives must be stored at –40°C or colder at all times. For this reason, we ship all products in a fully insulated box with dry ice. All shipments in the US arrive the same day or the next day. International shipments arrive within three days of departure. Questions can be directed to

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