A Leading Electronic Adhesives Manufacturer

Bondline supplies high quality performance epoxy adhesives to companies in the semiconductor, medical device, microelectronic, and aerospace industries.

Bondline manufactures cutting-edge specialty adhesive materials that solve complex problems.

Company headquarters and main laboratory are located in Sunnyvale, CA.  

Medical Grade Adhesives

We manufacture medical grade adhesives including USP Class VI compliant, catheter assembly, sterile disposables, transducer assembly, diagnostic equipment, needle assembly, ultrasound, optically clear other medical electronics.

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Electronic Grade Adhesives

We manufacture electronic grade adhesives including Die Attach, SMT, Heatsink, Underfill, Encapsulation

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Packaging Adhesives

Adhesives meeting CSP requirements as a manufacturer and Supplier of Reliable and High Performance Film and Paste Adhesives, Compliant and Low Outgassing Adhesives, Thermal Dissipation (Management) Adhesives, Die Attach Adhesives, Underfill Adhesives, Interposer Adhesives

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